Thursday, March 16, 2006

Domino hosting

I'm involved with Basset rescue. Here's why. I'm looking at putting together a simple web app that would allow people in the community to enter fundraising information. That's easy enough to do. How do I host it, though? I have a Domino server at home, and a broadband connection - is it possible to host it myself? What do I need to do to make my server accessible to the world? And do I want to?

If not, can anyone recommend a very low-cost hosting company? I don't need dedicated hosting; I just want to be able to attach a domain name to the site and be able to maintain the database. I've done the obligatory Google search and come up with a lot of companies, but would like to hear good things about a company from someone who's worked with them, since this is a non-commercial endeavor and I don't really have any kind of budget.


Jess said...

Hi Esther!
While it IS possible to host a site at home on a Domino server via broadband, most ISPs block port 80, so you'd have to change the port on Domino and have some sort of URL redirect, otherwise the only way they could find the site is by doing "" (or whatever port number you chose that's NOT 80). It's a big pain, and probably not worth doing it that way.

Try for Domino hosting, or I think dominodeveloper is something like $15/month, which is pretty much the same price for shared UNIX.

Esther said...

Thanks, Jess. You've pretty much confirmed my suspicion that I don't know enough about admin stuff to want to run my own server... and prominic are the two that I'm looking closely at. I'll take a look at connectria, as well.

Christopher Byrne said...

Prominic is who hosts my blog and I have been very happy with them, paying about US$10 a month for a partioned server hosting agreement. You might want to ask them or Chris Miller at Connectria if they would do it as a freebie.

Esther said...

Thanks, Christopher. I sent an email to Prominic's sales address to see if they'd be willing to host it for free since it's in support of a group of charities. Even if they aren't, I'll probably go with them - $10/month is about as cheap as I think I'm going to find, and it's not going to be high-enough traffic to require one of the production packages. I just wanted to get input from someone other than Jake as to whether Prominic is reliable. Sounds like they are.

Joe Litton said...

Prominic has been great for me. Been with them for 3+ years now. The $10/month is pretty comfortable. I dropped the email I'd had through them (which had been another $8/mo), since I use GMail for all my non-work email now. And since I now have Google handling the search on the site, dropping the full-text index of the db brought the MB usage well within the allowed range. I've also found the support to be great - although I've only contacted them a couple of times over the years.

Esther said...

Thanks, Joe. I don't need any of the email stuff, and we're definitely going to be below the MB usage range. Looks like I'm going with Prominic!

Chris Toohey said...

Hey Esther!

Skype me @ 'chrstoohey' and we'll talk!


David "Ice Cold" Bier said...

Hi Esther !!!!

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David "Ice Cold" Bier