Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Goodbye to Myron...

As a follow-up to another post, I just finished Darkest Fear. I went to Harlan Coben's website, and he says he may not write any more Myron books!

On the upside, apparently the series has been optioned by Columbia Pictures and will be turned into movies. Can't say I agree with the IMDB board's choices for Myron (Vince Vaughn?!), but I do applaud Cillian Murphy as Win... he's about as psycho as they come.

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gregg eldred said...

I got that book from the library last week, but have just started Back Spin. I am trying to read them in order, but had to jump ahead as the library had to do an interlibrary loan for The Final Detail and Fade Away. Both excellent books.